Track post-conference COVID infections

Same title as a text published in the “Career guide” (?!) of Nature, signed by James Kirchner.

Where Kirchner writes: “We could have taken action to minimize the risk of infection — for example, by demanding outdoor dining options, forgoing the meals entirely, avoiding all unmasked indoor situations, or even skipping most or all of the conference — but we had no idea that the risks were so high.”

I really don’t get the effin “we had no idea that the risks were so high.” part.

Worst, there is a Editor’s note attached to the article where the conference’s organisers are reported saying: “that they followed all requirements set out by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) that were in place at the time.”

Well, if the best you can do is follow CDC’s and/or WHO’s guideline maybe you should consider not organising conferences at all!, find a rock and hide under.

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