Germany coup plot: Raids target ‘Reich Citizens’ movement

Euronews: “Thousands of police in Germany carried out a series of raids early Wednesday morning against suspected far-right extremists who allegedly sought to overthrow the state in an armed coup. Officials said 25 people were detained.

The suspects allegedly wanted to install an elderly member of a German noble family as the country’s new leader and had been in contact with Russian officials about the scheme.

The Russian embassy in Berlin denied having any links to terror groups or illegal organisations in Germany.

Federal prosecutors said the group was inspired by “deep state” conspiracy theories, including those spread by QAnon, whose backers were among those arrested after the storming of the US Capitol in January 2021.”

I had bookmarked Q-Dropped’s episode “QAnon in Germany” to listen, wondering WTF it was talking about and how serious could the situation be. Time to put up my earbuds.


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