If you have an egg…

Have you come across one of those YouTube ridiculous titles going like “If you have an egg you will never again order take out Chinese?” Yeah, I know, there was not enough space in the title to mention noodles, chicken stock, soy dark and light sauce, oyster sauce, mirin, chilly flakes, rice cooker, microwave oven, food processor, local butcher shop offering duck cuts, Ali express URL to order the very special bowl absolutely necessary for the soup on top of which you’ll finely dress your effin egg. You get the mood.

Same here, if you have an egg you can build a rocket, attach the egg at the top of it, attach the rocket to a ballon, send the whole thing to space, release the rocket first and the egg next and retrieve the egg on a giant mattress that you have build in the mean time. Not a hard boiled egg! And it will not break too.

Alternatively you can just let the egg sit quietly on one of your fridge.

And now you know why the egg (not talking about Jeff 😏) got to space. All this is narrated, in much more detail and much more talent, by Loukia Papadopoulos here.


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