Twitter’s useful bots

Under a @nyposts’s tweet announcing that CBS News suspends all Twitter activity Musk wonders (or not) ⤵️

After all 5 min he doesn’t care anymore 😅

Twitter have been used for a lot of us small users who don’t really give a fuck about been certified and evangelize the world, as a nice customizable news aggregator. Private lists is a great feature to do that without messing with your fellow followers force feeding them tweets in a few different languages.

Under the comment of @RaheemKassam’s, a short exchange give us a peek into Musk’s (& Cie) miss understanding of how it works. ⤵️

All I want from CBS, or any other news outlet, is to have a bot tweeting their articles so I can be aware of them. With a link that can take me to the full stuff to read if the subject interest me.
I may not have any interest for an RT or engaging in a discussion with the CM working along with the bot, but Twitter will become a way less interesting place if it doesn’t have these bots doing their job. We are going back to RSS readers to follow CBS news (CBS news feeds) and, as I use my NetNewsWire app again to do so, why not get all the RSS feeds I’m interested by in a single place.

Whatever I find interesting I can blog about and automatically see my blog post tweeted too, minimally bothering the few people I’m connected with.
And it could also be sent to other SoMe accounts as well.

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