Wake up old friend

I’ve been blogging since the era where we called weblog a bullet list, and the html text was written by hand in a text editor (thank you BBEdit.)

Microblogging have been a revolution, combining blogging site with following of other bloggers in a single place and that made the success of Twitter. Much easier than navigating between the RSS reader and the blogging application of your choice.

Now Elon is messing with Twitter, people start migrating to whatever other solution seems to be a more promising place and confusion will reign for sometime. So I decide to regress to my (almost) default mode and I’m dusting my cave. It will take some time and some tests to find my new navigation mode but I’ll get there.

Crossposting to Twitter to keep in touch 😁 And give time to those that wish to grab the RSS feed of this blog 😬

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